Anschutz expands, opens North American branch

Anschutz rifle

A competitive shooter with all her gear shooting an Anschutz rifle.

The German rifle maker Anschutz announced plans to expand operations in the United States by opening its own facility, Anschutz North America, and has essentially removed Steyr Arms from the driver’s seat.

 “We feel that the best way to support this new growth is to take the distribution and sales service into our own hands,” said Jochen Anschütz, president of J.G. Anschutz GmbH & Company.

Anschutz is best known for making premium hunting, competitive shooting and biathlon rifles — and by “premium” we mean north of a few grand. If you’ve watched indoor Olympic shooting matches or the biathlon than you’ve seen an Anschutz rifle.

The company will now take over U.S. operations from Steyr, another German company, in Alabama, which has helped Anschutz establish a vast network of distributors and dealers in the U.S. market.

“During this time, we would like to highlight our appreciation of Steyr Arms dedication and commitment to building the Anschutz Hunting and Sporter brand in the U.S.,” Anschütz said.

As for the location for the American branch, the company is still looking, Anschutz spokesman Steven Boetler told in an email, stressing that “California is not one of them.”

According to the news release, Anschutz North America will offer customer service and manage warranty claims, repairs, spare-parts and technical information for its American customers.

Additionally, the established Anschutz distribution chain and main dealer network in the U.S. will continue to operate as before.

However, “the products will remain 100 percent German,” Boetler explained, meaning neither manufacturing nor assembly will be done stateside.

Besides finding a location, the company is also recruiting a staff. “People with excellent reputations and stellar integrity. It is a small group for now,” Boetler explained.

While details still need to be ironed out, more information will come. Anschutz North America will commence business activity in the U.S. on July 1.

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