'Don't die on me' supercut (VIDEO)

Now someone has to make a movie where the main character says “don’t die on me!” at least five times. Hopefully, five times in a row on five separate occasions.

Is it time to reboot Spider-Man again? I could see Peter Parker pulling this off.

“Don’t die on me, Uncle Ben, don’t die on me!”

“Don’t die on me, M.J., don’t die on me! M.J. can you hear me? Don’t die on me!”

“Don’t die on me, good guy that becomes a bad guy at the end but then sorta redeems himself on his death bed, don’t die on me! Don’t you die on me! Can you hear me double-secret good guy? Don’t die on me now, nobody saw this plot twist coming!”

Can’t get enough Supercuts? Good news, there’s a whole YouTube channel full of ’em!

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