CMMG launching new heavy barrel Mk4 HT ARs


CMMG is pleased to introduce a new variant series of its popular Mk4 rifles, the Mk4 HT. These AR-15-pattern rifles are built around heavy-profile tapered barrel for more accurate, consistent shooting.

Heavy, tapered barrels have superior thermal properties and take longer to heat up when shooting. This ensures less point-of-impact shift and allows the shooter to fire more, and faster. The Mk4 HT series is offered in 5.56 NATO, 300 AAC Blackout and .22 Long Rifle.

As the Mk4 is built to deliver accuracy, the rifle also uses CMMG’s RKM11 KeyMod hand guard. This free-floating hand guard has a standard 12-o’clock Picatinny rail for iron sights and other top rail accessories and KeyMod slots at three-, six- and nine-o’clock for direct mount accessories. Picatinny adapter rails are also available for Picatinny accessories like grips and lights.

Also, CMMG offers adapter rails separately.

The advantages of this hand-guard system aren’t limited to its improved accuracy and modular design. By going with KeyMod slots the hand guard is also lightweight, keeping the rifle balanced and maneuverable. All in these rifles weigh just 7 pounds, which is commendable for heavy-barreled ARs.

These rifles are built on mil-spec 7075-T6 aluminum alloy receivers and use a standard mil-spec trigger group. CMMG is not cutting ounces by going with softer and lighter 6061-series alloys when it comes to its receivers.

Additionally the Mk4 HT is available with nitrided chromaloy barrels or 416 stainless steel barrels. Both offer improved accuracy over more common chrome-lined steel barrels. While chrome-lined barrels are a little more heat- and wear-resistant than stainless barrels, heavy-profile stainless barrels generally outlast standard-profile stainless barrels. And barrels with a nitride finish are both more wear-resistant and more accurate than chrome-lined barrels, all other things being equal.


Black nitrided barrel shown here. Stainless barrel show above. (Photo credit: CMMG)

The 5.56 and 300 BLK models are offered with both barrel options, while the .22 LR is currently just sold with the nitrided barrel. The centerfire rifles have a 1-in-7-inch twist and the .22 LR has a 1-in-16-inch twist.

Every Mk4 HT comes standard with a thread protector with a standoff device, A2 grips and butt stocks and a 30-round Magpul Pmag or 25-round .22 LR CMMG magazine in the case of the rimfire rifle. They’re also all “optics ready” carbines, meaning they don’t come with sights or optics.

By dropping any sights and going with A2 furniture CMMG can keep the price down while giving the user an easy way to customize their rifle without a lot of redundancy. These rifles are priced at $1,049 with the nitrided barrels and run $50 more for the stainless models. The .22 LR rifle is a bit less with an MSRP of $924.

Of course these are list prices, not real-world prices which are usually $100 to $200 less on store shelves. The Mk4 HT series, like the rest of CMMGs guns, is priced competitively with other offerings on the market. This is a solid choice, particularly with its heavy barrel.

There aren’t a lot of off-the-shelf options with heavy tapered barrels like this, and even then, many of those are chrome-lined. CMMG is really targeting a select group with this gun and offering it at a price that’s realistically lower than their competition.

If you’re looking to do some heavy varminting, target shooting or just want to push your rifle harder without sacrificing accuracy, you should check out the new CMMG Mk4 HT series. It might be just what you’ve been hunting for.

For more details and specifications head over to the CMMG website.

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