Google Glass gets TrackingPoint app (VIDEO)

While they announced their plans to integrate “wearables” with the launch of their first fighting rifles, seeing is believing, and even then it’s still mind-blowing.

“Through the PGF’s ShotView video stream on the HUD, the shooter can easily see such important variables as range to target, shot angle, rifle cant, compass direction, battery life, and zoom setting, all without looking away or diverting their attention. Clearly, the advent of wearable technology has unlocked the potential for firearms to be used in all new ways.”

This sort of technology feels like it should be further out but nope, it’s real, it exists today, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes standard-issue. These may be prototypes but the writing is on the wall.

TrackingPoints bread and butter is still mostly game reserves and long-range hunters, but it’s safe to say that down the road they’re going to be a major player in the future soldier world.


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