NRA Life of Duty: ‘Plate of Honey’ (VIDEO)

NRA Life of Duty presents its sixth episode, “Plate of Honey,” where a round table discussion is held about the likelihood of American soil being targeted for terrorist attacks once troops are withdrawn from overseas.

“Think of America like a plate of honey,” Tim contributes to the conversation. “And the jihadists are more like bees, and they look for that honey, and they come to it. And we pour a little bit of the honey – we put it in a little dish – and that’s the military in Iraq. And that’s what they come to, because it’s easy. … Once you pull those little dishes back, you’re putting them back in the big plate of money. You are not taking away their desire, you’re bringing their desire home.”

They also mention the L.A. gangbangers that surfaced in Syria to fight against the rebels, a video previously covered here.

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