The Colbert Report profiles Florida homeowner's backyard range, controversy (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report traveled down to Florida to profile Doug Varrieur, the man who maintains a shooting range in his backyard despite protests by the city and his neighbors.

When news of the law and Verrieur’s story first broke in late January, it caused controversy. However, ranges on private property such as one’s home is permitted under a 1987 law that was enhanced in 2011. In other words, home ranges are legal in the Sunshine State, provided homeowners follow a few simple rules.

Florida statute 790.15, essentially says any person can discharge a firearm on private property so long as it is done in a safe manner and the bullet’s path does not pass over a paved public road or any occupied premises.

Though, despite these provisions, the law has sparked some outrage from those who live next to these private ranges.   

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