Auction of Civil War soldier's skull found at Gettysburg cancelled after criticism


The Civil War soldier’s skull was discovered near a barn that was used as a hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg.

In light of fervent criticism, a Maryland auction house has cancelled their plans to sell the skull of a Civil War soldier that was found near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The Estate Auction Company had hoped the Civil War relic would fetch upwards of $250,000, but the National Park Service at the Gettysburg National Military Park convinced them the skull should be buried alongside other unknown soldiers, Reuters reports.

According to the auction site, the skull was found in 1949 on the Benner Farm in Gettysburg, just a couple miles away from a barn that was used as a field hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Once the remains have been authenticated, they will be donated to the park “for interment with full military honors in the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg.”

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