Full-auto PPSh-41: Never go full Russian! (VIDEO)

With FPSRussia it’s not possible to ever go full Russian. Not even if he was wearing a ushanka filled with caviar and dash cams riding a circus bear over a crowd of protesters.

I don’t know why he would ever do that, really, it hardly makes sense, I mean, the bear would smell the rapidly-warming caviar and turn on him before he ever got to the protesters, the whole thing would get caught on a dozen GoPros and then satisfied, the bear would no doubt join the protesters as any circus animal is going to be sympathetic with a crowd of oppressed people.

So you won’t find a video like that on the FPSRussia YouTube channel, but you will find many others that tease you with amazing guns and FPSRussia-style exhibition shooting. Bonus, if you watch them in reverse his accent gets thicker!

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