Midwest Industries stripped and complete forged and billet AR-15 lowers


Midwest Industries — a big name in aftermarket accessories for AR-15s and other firearms — is now offering stripped and complete lower receivers, with options for both forged and milled billet lowers. Midwest has a long-standing reputation for making hard-use parts and accessories that can hold up with the best, often for less than its competition.

This follows the introduction of the Midwest Industries Minuteman rifle earlier this year and it gives Midwest’s shoppers more options when it comes to putting together a custom rifle or AR pistol.

Midwest Industries is currently carrying receivers as well as complete lowers by Bravo Company Manufacturing and Stag Arms. Midwest’s lowers are offered as stripped, billet, stripped, forged or complete, forged.

The forged receivers are pretty standard although they feature one touch just about any experienced builder can get behind. The rear detent pin hole is threaded for a small set screw to keep it from flying out should the user ever decide to tinker with the buffer tube or buffer retainer plate.

miforgedlowercompOtherwise the receivers are mil-spec and use 7075-T6 aluminum forgings. Complete receivers are finished with a mil-spec fire control group and A2 furniture. The stripped receivers run $109 and the complete lowers are priced at $279.

The machined billet lower is a little huskier. Machined and EDM wire-cut from 6061-T6 aluminum billet and finished with the same type III class 2 hard-anodized finish, the billet lower has a reinforced buffer extension and oversize, flared magwell for fast mag swaps.

The integrated trigger guard is also enlarged and reinforced. While the machined billet receiver is only offered stripped, it is available paired with a machined upper receiver.

The matched set runs $324 and gives the builder complete control over parts selection. The stripped upper is fairly standard and accepts an ejection port cover and forward assist and includes a shell deflector.

All of the new Midwest Industries lowers are multi-caliber marked and use mil-spec stocks and buffer tube assemblies. By comparison a Stag lower, complete with furniture is priced at $300 and the complete BCM lower runs $400.

Naturally Midwest Industries carries all the upper and lower parts and receivers a user may need to build a complete rifle. Midwest isn’t just limited to carrying Stag and BCM parts along with their in-house components.

They also stock parts from Battle Arms Development, Magpul, Tango Down, U.S. Palm and more. If you’re looking to build or put together your next AR-15 rifle, you might want to see what Midwest Industries has to offer.

Because Midwest Industries carries a lot more than just hand guards these days.

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