Smith & Wesson's newest M&P Shield ad (VIDEO)

On the off chance you haven’t heard Smith & Wesson just launched a new “No Safety” version of their popular M&P Shield concealed-carry pistol. This is right on the heels of their new “Compliant” variant for restricted markets.

A lot of people criticized Smith & Wesson for launching the Shield with a manual safety, particularly because it’s a somewhat unpopular and non-standard option for their double-stack M&P pistols. But there’s a certain genius in kicking the Shield off with a manual safety: now everyone who already owns a Shield has an excuse to buy, you know, a backup. A spare Shield in case something arises where they need a spare concealed-carry pistol. Something that will work with their existing holsters and magazines.

Yeah. A backup.

[Smith & Wesson/YouTube]

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