‘Bodyguard Blankets’ protect school children from ‘crazed gunmen’ (VIDEO)

Bullet resistant “Bodyguard Blankets” were invented to protect school children from natural disasters and “crazed gunmen.”

The Bodyguard Blanket was thought up by a podiatrist who found inspiration for her design in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, and developed by ProTecht, a protective and safety products company in Oklahoma. The blankets are constructed from military-grade material that are five-times stronger than Kevlar, and are meant to be worn by school children and teachers in the event of an active shooter, Telegraph reports.

“The Bodyguard Blanket was specifically developed to help protect our children from events that come unexpectedly and with the potential from catastrophic outcomes,” according to the promotional video. “Bodyguard Blankets are made with the same bullet resistant materials that shield our soldiers in battle, providing maximum tested protection.”

Each Bodyguard Blanket costs around $1,000, but ProTecht hopes to liaise with schools and nonprofit organizations to make the protective blankets more affordable.

“Every student and teacher in every school should have the protection from tornadoes and school incursions that Bodyguard Blankets provide,” the promotional video adds.

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In the event of a tornado or active shooter, students can don the Bodyguard Blankets for an added layer of protection.

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The Bodyguard Blankets aren’t just for kids. They come in various sizes and can be used by adults as well.

[ Telegraph ]

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