Wisconsin Carry supports Open Carry Texas (VIDEO)

Wisconsin Carry, the group that helped give the pro-gun movement teeth in the Badger State, came out in support of the actions of Open Carry Texas, a group that’s received criticism from both pro- and anti-gun groups for unannounced open carry demonstrations.

“We do not believe any form of safe, legal carry ‘hurts the cause.’ We believe pro-gun folks who fail to stand up and defend another individual’s right to carry in a safe, legal manner, even if they themselves choose not to carry in that manner, hurt the cause,” Nik Clark wrote in an open letter.

In an interview with Guns.com, Clark cautioned gun-rights advocates to question news reports about open carry demonstrations in Texas, something that gun-control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence criticize very publicly.

“The reports in the media are often exaggerated,” he said about the panic and fear open carry reportedly brings out in passersby.

“We often remind our members that if you don’t watch the news you’re uninformed and if you do watch the news you’re misinformed. And I think that’s certainly the case when it comes to open carry in Texas,” he said and encouraged gun owners to withhold judgement until they have more information.

“Get some facts about what really happens and the public’s response to it rather than assume that if the media reports something that as fact that it’s actually how — the reality on the ground — that it occurred,” Clark said.

(Ben Philippi contributed to this article)

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