Truglo adds new sights for popular rimfire pistols and lever guns


Truglo is announcing new sights for popular rimfire pistols and lever-action rifles, including Ruger Mark III and 22/45 and Browning Buck Mark pistols. These fiber-optic sights are a great way to enhance your firearms for an all-around improved shooting experience.

They’ve put together a universal front sight package that will fir most Ruger Mark II, Mark II and 22/45 pistols as well as Browning Buck Mark pistols and have also developed a front and rear sight set for some of the more common lever-action rifles.

Rifles on the list include the Marlin 336 and Guide Rifle, the Ruger 10/22, the Winchester 94 and Henry Big Boy and Golden Boy rifles chambered in everything from .22 Long rifle all the way up to .44 Magnum. The rifle sights are for full-length lever guns, not shorter-barreled carbines.


Sight set for lever-action rifles (photo credit Truglo).

Fiber-optic sights are a great low-cost way to upgrade any firearm to maximize their accuracy and help the shooter pick up the sights.

Fiber-optic sights use a small glass or plastic rod to collect light and direct it to the end of the sight which make up the sights’ dots. From bright light to low light conditions fiber-optic sights are far more visible than traditional matte black target or dot sights. If there’s any ambient at all fiber optic sights will pick it up.

Truglo is pricing these sights right at just $34 for the rimfire pistol sight and $43 for the rifle sight set, making these sights one of the most approachable upgrades for any firearm.

Like all Truglo sights these are CNC-machined for precision and sport easily-replaceable sight inserts. These sights use .06-inch front sight inserts and the rifle sets have .035-inch rear sight inserts. The pistol sights are offered with a choice of red or green rods and the rifle sights come with a red front and green rear set of inserts.

And while the rimfire pistol sight is fixed, the rifle sights are fully-adjustable for both windage and elevation.

Whether you’re a plinker or a hunter or simply want to improve your shooting it is in your interest to check out what Truglo has to offer. These are a perfect way to get on target fast and put lead downrange with repeatable accuracy.

Truglo makes a wide variety of sights for all types of shooting and even archery sights. The company may be most famous for their tritium/fiber-optic pistol sights but they offer a whole lot more than that, from sights to targets and even paint to touch up plain black and 3-dot sights.

And if you’re trying to find that last-minute gift for your dad this father’s day, you might want to put Truglo on your list.

For more information about these and other accessories head over to the Truglo website.

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