Tennessee Arms Co. showing off clear AR-15 prototype (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

The Tennessee Arms Company put together a proof-of-concept video showing off a clear AR-15 receiver. This prototype polymer receiver is just to show off what they can do; no guarantees that this lower will enter mass production.

Right now they’re having some problems with tolerances and, ironically, getting them to work with polymer magazines. However if and hopefully when they crack the nut on packing their mold these will become available to the public.

The TN Arms Co. currently offers their lowers in all the colors of the tactical rainbow, including flat dark earth, olive drab, foliage green, rifle green and of course, black. They also offer their lowers in pink to match limited-edition pink Magpul accessories.

While more than a few people are on the fence when it comes to polymer receivers, lowers by the TN Arms Co. are well-regarded. These lowers are made with naval brass reinforcements at the buffer tower extension and at the pistol grip to prevent cross-threading or stripped threads and add a little more support where the receivers are thinnest.

clear ar lower

clear ar lower (2)

clear ar lower (3)

clear ar lower (4)

clear ar lower (6)

clear ar lower (5)

Clear lowers are just barely on the horizon, but if you’re interested in trying out a polymer lower, check out what the Tennessee Arms Company has to offer. For more photos and news about TN Arms Co.’s products head over to their Facebook page.

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