The moment a Russian soldier gets run over by a parade tank (VIDEO)

Russian soldier Pavel Touromov, 19, was standing at attention during a parade when an armored personnel carrier ran him over, Daily Mail reports.

Touromov, who had only recently completed his military training in Ussuriysk, was on the outside of the formation when an APC took the corner too sharply.

“The armored vehicle was part of a column in the passing out parade that was to drive past the assembled soldiers,” said eyewitness Stanislav Popensku. “But the driver took the curve too finely and hit Pavel as it went past.”

“He went down and straight under the wheels, his body making the vehicle bounce,” Popensku added. “It was sickening to watch. I thought he was killed instantly but then amazingly he bounded up and ran off.”

According to military medic Dr. Ignat Vavilov, Touromov suffered some injuries, but was lucky to be alive.

“He has severe internal injuries but that is better than being dead, which is what we all expected at first,” Vaviloc said.

“He is a well liked guy with a good sense of humor and a fine outlook on life,” Vaviloc added. “People have begin lighting candles for him all over the camp hoping he will pull through.”

Russian police have launched an investigation into the incident.

[ Daily Mail ]

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