Just hickok45 shootin' his Ohio Ordnance BAR (VIDEO)

1918a3_bar_packageCredit where credit’s due, this particular BAR belongs to Tennessee Gun Country and is on loan to hickok45. It is not an original BAR but a semi-automatic replica, a new-manufacture BAR by Ohio Ordnance.

Ohio Ordnance makes some real dream guns.

You can get a complete BAR model 1918A3 SLR bundle for a little under $5,000 from Ohio Ordnance or just the rifle for $4,300. While much of the components are new Ohio Ordnance uses World War II-era part where acceptable and when available.

These are the best way to get your hands on a military classic. Ohio Ordnance also offers parts kits and other military rifles in semi-automatic configurations and a few full-auto guns, too.

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