The moment a 79-year-old Army vet fights off armed robber (VIDEO)

A 79-year-old Army veteran went toe-to-toe with an armed robber at a Florida gas station and came out on top Saturday morning.

Marvin Lail was pumping his gas at an Orlando-area 7-Eleven when a man walked up, pulled out a gun, and demanded his wallet. But instead of just handing it over, Lail fought back, the local NBC-affiliate reports.

“You’re going to have to kill me to get my money and my billfold,” said Lail, recounting the event. “I really thought I could take him. He was a little slow and I just naturally resisted him reaching into my pocket to get my billfold and there was a little bit of money in there too. He’d of had a good day.”

A gas station employee eventually interceded and the robber fled before Orange County deputies arrived on scene. The suspect remains at large.

[ NBC-Miami ]

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