Green Hornet’s Black Beauty for sale, complete with machine guns, missiles (VIDEO)


The Black Beauty comes stock with two hood-mounted Browning .30-caliber machine guns, which, when hooked up to propane, shoots flames out the barrels.


A total of 12 Stinger missiles are stashed in the front and rear bumpers.


There are also shotgun barrels.


Every car should be built with suicide doors.


The interior is heavily modded as well.


The Black Beauty used in the 2011 “Green Hornet” film is up for sale, and the killer car comes stock with a slew of awesome gadgets.

The heavily modded 1965 Chrysler Imperial features its original 413 engine with 71,421 miles, two hood-mounted Browning .30-caliber machine guns, 12 stinger missiles on the front and rear bumpers, flame-thrower, shotguns, beanbag launchers, and of course, a rotating license plate that switches to “Hornet,” Daily Mail reports.

Massachusetts-based RR Auction started the bidding at a mere $10,000, though at the time of writing it’s up to $25,941.

Jay Leno had a chance to get up close and personal with the Black Beauty. Check out the video below.

[ Daily Mail ]

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