Ares Armor kicks off 'Loss Leader' program, selling parts below cost


Complete match-grade 16-inch Harpe .223 Wylde upper receivers just $500! (Photo credit: Ares Armor)

Ares Armor has announced its new “Loss Leader” program, where it’s putting select components on sale below cost. Ares recently found themselves in a legal battle with the ATF over what does and does not constitute an 80 percent lower, and as a result, are a little tapped.

The Loss Leader program is Ares’ way of replenishing its well, which means great deals for customers. Anyone who buys a qualifying product can pair it with Loss Leader for less than what it cost Ares to make in the first place.

Combat medical pack (photo: Ares Armor).

Combat medical pack, one of the qualifiers. (Photo credit: Ares Armor)

Simply put, if you buy a qualified product you can add a hat, bolt carrier group, ambidextrous safety or 80 percent receiver to your order below cost.

Ares Armor is also giving people the option to not purchase a loss leader, even if they buy a qualified product, if they select “I love Ares too much to buy below cost!” Given how low Ares is pricing its qualifiers a little generosity on the customer’s part is relatively painless.

Because the current crop of qualified products is insanely cheap. Included in the qualifiers are AR-15 barrels chambered for 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington and 300 AAC Blackout in lengths ranging from 7.5 inches out to 18 inches all priced between $150 to $180.

They are 4142 high carbon steel barrels with a black nitride finish inside and out. An increasingly-popular alternative to chrome lining, nitride finishes offer superior protection, corrosion resistance and accuracy. 

Other qualifying products include belts, bags, plate carriers and holsters, including the Low Profile Arsenal Bag, a range bag that’s designed to hold a bunch of guns without looking like a giant bag full of guns.

But two qualifiers really stand out: the Harpe free-floating rail and Harpe complete match-grade upper receiver.

Ares is selling 13-inch modular free-floating Harpe handguards for just $165 and its complete 16-inch uppers for only $498. That’s a $30 price drop on the handguards and a $350 drop for the complete upper.

Harpe handguards use Ares’ T-mod mounting system which allows users to place rail sections anywhere along the 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions. Each hanguard comes with three Picatinny rail sections, two short and one long.

The complete upper includes the handguard and rails, a phosphated bolt carrier group and a charging handle. The only thing it needs is sights but for less than $500 that leaves more than enough for good irons or glass even for builders on a budget.

On top of that it’s built around a match-grade .223 Wylde barrel for improved accuracy and reliability with both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. cartridges. The barrel has a 1-in-9 inch twist for use with a wide range of bullet weights, from light to heavy.

Combined with a Ares Armor lower parts kit, one of the Loss Leaders, and an 80 percent polymer lower and jig set, you can get the makings of a complete free-floated match rifle shipped straight to your door.

To see what Ares has listed for its current qualifiers head over to the Loss Leader page now. These unbeatable prices aren’t going to last forever.

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