Far Cry 4: the Beast Simulator (VIDEO)

Public Service Announcement: You have until November to complete Far Cry 3. Because it is unpossible to jump into a game series without first completing the original games.

J/K, right? The original Far Cry game was terrible. Don’t even both with it. It doesn’t even really count towards the series with Far Cry 2 switching over to an open-world platform. Also that was a really fun game. If you want to try the older games start there.

This promo by Corridor Digital is pushing the co-op mode; I always felt that co-op in Far Cry 3 was sorta tacked on to get people to arm-wrestle their friends into buying more copies of the game. Maybe it will be expanded in Far Cry 4. If they make it as funny as this it’ll be a nice alternative to the solo game which is expected to be pretty dark.

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