Man injured in gunfight runs for the border--'Yo quiero Taco Bell'


A man injured in a gunfight drove straight to Taco Bell to hide their unlit parking lot.

An Indianapolis man who was injured in a gunfight fled the scene and drove straight to Taco Bell early Monday morning.

The man was at Skateland Roller Skating Center when he and at least one other person got into an argument. Around 2:08 a.m., the two parties exchanged gunfire, the local ABC-affiliate reports.

The man was shot in the hip and he and those he was with fled in a vehicle. They hid in an unlit Taco Bell parking lot, allegedly because they were being pursued by another car.

Someone called 911 and the man was transported from Taco Bell to Eskanazi Health, where he was listed in stable condition.

Few details are available regarding the incident and no comment was made on whether or not the man had time for a Double Decker.

[ RTV-6 ]

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