Surveillance video shows Russian cops trying to check murder suspect as luggage (VIDEO)

CCTV captured two Russian police officers trying to check a comatose murder suspect as luggage on a flight back to the station.

Officers Fedor Moroz, 41, and Yuriy Koudinov, 45, dragged Sergei Kozhemyakin, 36, out of the Balabanovskaya City Hospital’s intensive care ward in Kaluga Oblast. They transported the unconscious murder suspect to Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, where they tried to persuade flight staff to declare him as luggage and place him in the luggage hold, Daily Mail reports.

The airline staff said no, so the officers handcuffed Kozhemyakin to a chair in the departure lounge and waited throughout the night for another flight.

At some point, Kozhemyakin, who was believed to have ordered the murder of a mayoral aide in 2008, had trouble breathing. Airport officers tried to take Kozhemayakin back to the hospital, but both Moroz and Koudinov refused.

Kozhemyakin died as the officers argued amongst themselves.

Though Moroz and Koudinov reportedly never checked with hospital staff before taking Kozhemayakin out of the intensive care ward, Koudinov says they did.

“We asked a nurse and she told us that it was fine to move the man and he didn’t need to be in hospital any more,” Koudinov said.

Moroz and Koudinov have since been fired.

[ Daily Mail ]

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