How to make a DIY mini crossbow Mk.III (VIDEO)

This isn’t the first DIY mini crossbow we’ve come across, heck, it’s not the first one from Grant “the King of Random” Thompson, but it’s hands-down the most powerful yet.

The others have been neato but this one could actually hurt someone if you stick ’em in the eye or something. So yeah, way cooler than the rest. Dangerous makes it better.

The best part about this is now a bunch of dudes are going to go to the Walgreens this weekend to buy hair clips. Oh sure, you’ll pick up a Red Bull, some Chex Mix, some Good and Plenty because holy shit when’s the last time you saw Good and Plentys? and just try to sneak the clips through with the rest.

Look, the girl at Walgreens doesn’t care that you’re buying hair clips. She’s seen it all. One time this old guy came in for some prescription toe fungus ointment, a pack of Depends and Viagra.

She also knows you didn’t buy that wart remover for your dog.

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