Bow-Mags .357-tipped arrows: awesome or gimmick? (VIDEO)

Taofledermaus took the initiative to test the new, somewhat questionable .357 Magnum-tipped arrowheads by Rac-Em-Back, the Bow-Mags.

Turns out, their suspicion was warranted as these things aren’t the powerhouses that are .357 handguns, which makes sense because they’re not contained by any barrels and the pressure goes both ways; it pushes on the arrow as much as it pushes on the bullet, and while the arrow is moving towards the target it’s still only generating so much energy and the .357 cartridge can overcome it pretty easily, which all together makes a system that lets the bullet sorta dribble out of the case not doing a thing.

These are good for fun bangs at the range and using up money but ultimately they’re not effective and far from ethical if you intend to use them for hunting. Just use a traditional broadhead. Frankly a target or field point would be more effective.

For more surprisingly informative field tests involving a giant gummy bear head over to the Taofledermaus YouTube channel.

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