Way to go Forgotten Weapons! (VIDEO)

Forgotten weapons succeeded at raising the money for new video and audio equipment to continue to do what they do so well, which is getting archival footage of guns that are fading fast.

Led by Ian McCollum, the Forgotten Weapons team set out to crowdsource a modest $7,500 for shiny new cameras and ended up hitting their stretch goal of $13,000 which extends their budget to include a high-speed camera for dat slo-mo footage.

It’ll be a few weeks before they are able to deploy their new kit and in the meantime they still have existing video in the publishing queue so we won’t get to see improved footage right away but it’s gonna happen. If you feel like you want to push them over the top a second time the Indiegogo campaign still has weeks left in it and any extra funds will be used to cover any unexpected costs of rolling out all-new hardware.

The T-shirts are all bought out but there are still DVDs and on-camera thank-yous available for $50 or less.

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