CZ 2075 RAMI BD overview and review (VIDEO)

The RAMI is a neato little double-stack for concealed carry. It really barks, too, but it handles great and as you can see, is an all-around top-notch pistol. It’s a great option for anyone who’s not interested in getting on the striker-fired, polymer-framed bandwagon.

Anyone else love to see a single-stack CZ? I know, it’s a pipe dream.

CZ can barely manage to keep up with demand as it is, and they’re cutting from, not adding to, their catalog.

If you see a RAMI at a good price right now and you’re even a little interested in it, go ahead and buy it. Because manual safety or decocker, that gun will be gone by the time you come back for it.

[Fun Gun Reviews/YouTube]

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