Saddam Hussein bronze bust found in rubble to sell for $10 million


This Saddam Hussein bust, found in the rubble of the Baghdad Airport by an American soldier, is expected to sell for upwards of $10 million.

A bronze bust of Saddam Hussein found in a pile of rubble in Iraq is expected to sell for upwards of $10 million.

Army soldier Earl Torres, 47, spotted the nearly 90-pound hunk of bronze in 2003 while clearing the Baghdad International Airport, which had been used as a hub of American operations during the Iraq war, Daily Mail reports.

The bust was part of a larger statue that stood nearly 15 feet tall, but the statue was torn apart during at battle a the airport.


The 17-inch tall piece was part of a nearly 15-foot tall statue that was destroyed during a battle.

Torres took the piece home with him after completing his 13-month tour, and after keeping the Hussein bust in his family for over a decade, he has finally decided to sell the piece of history off.

“I think it’s something that will attract collectors and museums,” Torres said. “It’s one of many statues of Saddam that was found in Iraq at the time. It was in pieces so I was able to take the head and get documentation to take it through customs. I decided to wait for a while before trying to sell it so my children could grow up and see it. I believe it is the only one of its kind in the U.S.A. and it means a lot to me. I served my country and served it well and to be able to bring something home to show to my family, show my friends, show them what was taking place was important.”

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