Steyr L40-A1 .40 S&W now available (VIDEO)


The L40-A1 has a very low bore axis and if the M40-A1 is any indicator, the longslide model will be one of the most manageable .40 S&W pistols on the market. (Photo credit: Steyr Arms)

Following the announcement of L-A1 longslide pistols chambered for .40 S&W and .357 Sig in addition to 9mm, Steyr is happy to let people know that .40 S&W models are now hitting the American market.

Introduced just last year, the L-A1 is an updated version of the M-A1 with an extended 4.5-inch barrel and slide assembly. The service-size M-A1 has a 4-inch barrel, standard. Additionally the L-A1 models have lengthened dust covers with multiple Picatinny rail slots to allow users to position pistol-mounted accessories like lights and laser sights just so on their handgun.

The longslide models have the same proportion grips as the M-A1 and use the same magazines. The L40-A1 has a 12+1 capacity and ships with two magazines.

Like other Steyr pistols, the L40-A1 is a polymer-framed, striker-fired service pistol that stands out for its light, predictable trigger with a short travel, clean break, and positive reset. They are made with Steyr’s famous cold hammer-forged barrels and are very accurate duty pistols.

The barrel sports traditional rifling and can be used with cast lead ammo and the chamber is fully-supported, so no worries about using full-house .40 S&W loads, either.

Steyr sets the factory trigger weight at just 5.6 pounds, putting it at the lighter end of the spectrum of service pistols. The total trigger travel is just 4mm or 5/32 of an inch making it one of the shortest triggers on the market, too.

The L40-A1 was designed both as a self-defense and service pistol as well as a handgun optimized for practical shooting sports. The extended barrel will deliver higher muzzle velocities and the longer sight radius will help promote accuracy.

One big difference about Steyr’s pistols is that they are offered with a unique set of trapezoidal sights. This design incorporates a triangular front sight that the shooter uses as a point to focus on and an angular rear sight that traps the front sight. With the front sight on target as soon as the rear sight captures the front, the shooter knows intuitively that he or she is perfectly sighted in.

Of course these sights are optional and the L40-A1, like other Steyr pistols, is offered with traditional pistol sights as well. Another option is a manual trigger safety that’s also unique to Steyr handguns.

Steyr developed an interesting paddle safety that hangs into the trigger guard blocking the trigger. It is deactivated by pushing a finger through the trigger guard. This is in addition to the passive trigger safety, and again, is completely optional. The model above does not have this feature for people interested in a more traditional safety system.

Additionally all Steyr pistols have an integrated key lock that can be used to completely disable the gun without needing a cable lock or a pistol safe.

These guns’ features, extremely low bore axis, long beavertail and outstanding features have lead to a dedicated body of Steyr fans and that doesn’t even touch one of the most appealing reasons to pick up one of these proven and reliable handguns, the sticker.

The recommended retail price for Steyr handguns is just $560, which means even at full price these guns are still competitive with pistols that have heavier triggers and higher bores. Real-world prices are generally around $500 and can often be found for less. Steyr handguns have an excellent value and the L40-A1 is no different.

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