Will an iPhone 5s stop a .22 bullet? (VIDEO)

So will this affect what phone you buy next? Is bulletproofness a feature you look for when shopping around for a cell phone? Would you buy a bulletproof cell phone just for your pocket even if you didn’t use it as a phone, just a little-bitty SAPI plate?

Like any of that really matters. You know you, me and everyone else is going to pick their next cell phone based on how locked into their platform they are already versus how much they hate how much they’re locked into that platform weighed against how awesome the next big release for that platform is gonna be.

Or you can be that weirdo with a Windows Phone.

They don’t have an app for bulletproofness. App makers are still waiting to see if its worth their time to develop one for Windows Phone, so you’ll just have to wait and see.


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