A hickok45 with a SIG .45–More P227 goodness (VIDEO)

This is the first video I’ve heard of someone saying they found the P227 grip to be too small, as it is a little larger than a standard E2 grip owing to the fact that SIG had to step up the grip portion of the frame for them big ol’ boolits.

Another change SIG made to make the P227 fit average-sized hands better is the use of their “short” trigger, not to be mistaken with their “short reset” trigger. The short trigger is contoured to put the trigger face closer to the hand — if you’ve got Hulk mitts you might find that just swapping that out for a standard trigger is enough to make the P227 a little bigger-feeling without having to deal with something like a grip sleeve which is just going to detract from the E2’s amazing grip texture.

This video’s a little shorter than usuall; if you can never get enough hickok45 head over to his YouTube channel.

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