Reenactment of brutal killing of cop looks like a video game--and that's the point (VIDEO)

Random Stop,” a point-of-view short film directed by UCLA graduate film student Benjamin Afrmann, is the reenactment of a shootout between a Georgia sheriff’s deputy and a violent individual, which ended with the deputy’s murder.

“The film was designed in response to the current POV/GoPro craze,” Afrmann told Motherboard. “Most POV shorts I’ve seen, like ‘Bad Motherfucker‘ (which I love), have been adolescent hero fantasies. The hero picks up a gun, kills a ton of people, and saves the day.”

In January 1998, a Laurens County Sheriff’s Department police car captured an altercation between Deputy Kyle Dinkheller and Andrew Howard Brannan. Their encounter quickly escalated from a routine traffic stop to Brannan’s execution-style murder of Dinkheller.

“When our team decided to make a POV short, we emphatically wanted to do something more grounded and real — something that showed the actual consequences of gunplay, the danger, and the very real potential for tragedy that it can represent,” Afrmann added.

Check out the full interview with Afrmann at Motherboard.

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