The moment two armed robbers botch jewelry store heist (VIDEO)

Two young robbers, one armed with a gun, tried holding up a Fresno, California, jewelry store Friday, but things didn’t exactly go the way they planned.

The unidentified suspects, believed to be 17, entered the jewelry store Marlene’s pretending to be customers. Moments later, one of them pulled out a gun, and the other began talking on his cell phone. They demanded cash and jewelry, but when storeowner Soledad Castaneda returned from behind the counter, he offered them a shotgun instead, the local ABC-affiliate reports.

The crooks look nervous and scared and the owner said they fumbled their words while making their demands. One of the suspects tried jumping the glass counter, but after crashing into it he decided to walk around.

“It wasn’t very … planned out very well,” said Jose Llamas, the owner’s brother. When the suspects saw the shotgun they fled.

Detectives are actively searching for them.

[ KFSN ]

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