SIG P320 Carry now shipping (VIDEO)

sig p320 carry shipping

SIG P320 Carry pistols being reading for shipping. (Photo credit: SIG/Facebook)

The mid-size SIG Sauer P320 service pistol is now shipping to distributors for retail. A more compact version of the standard full-size P320, the Carry model features a 3.8-inch barrel and shortened slide and comes standard with a 15+1 capacity in 9mm.

This gun is the perfect option for people looking for something big enough to load up with a good amount of ammo while still fitting in a package small enough to carry concealed. It also weighs a few ounces less than the full-size making it easier to carry all day.

The P320 is a modular pistol, with a serialized sub-frame called the Fire Control Unit, or FCU. This is the heart of the pistol and legally what constitutes the firearm. The frame can be combined with different grip sizes and slide assemblies to make it fit the user’s needs.

sig p320 fire control unit fcu

The core of the P320. (Photo credit: Max Slowik/

It’s a striker-fired service pistol, SIG’s first. The P320 boasts one of the best triggers on the market, with very little take-up, an exceptionally clean break, and a very short, predictable reset. In just the first few weeks and months of availability, some people are already saying that the P320 has one of the best striker-fired triggers on the market, comparing it to the Walther PPQ and the just-released Heckler & Koch VP9.

We currently have a full-size P320 in-house for testing and can back that up. The P320 trigger system is without reservation one of the best ever made, with a light take-up and glassy break at just over 6 pounds. The reset is pronounced, tangible and audible.

At launch the P320 was only available in the Full-Size configuration in 9mm. Both are currently being offered in 9mm with SIG’s Nitron finish. These are equivalent to the P250 Full-Size and Compact and uses the same existing magazines and grip frames which are widely available.

Because of the similarities with the P250, the P320 is compatible with a good chunk of P250 holsters. Additionally, the pistols have ambidextrous slide stops and a reversible magazine catch making them very lefty-friendly.

Eventually SIG will build on the P320′s modularity and introduce optional trigger safeties, manual safeties and other calibers and configurations, starting with .40 S&W, with .357 SIG and .45 ACP following hopefully soon afterwards. For now SIG is targeting the mainstream with full-size and service-size pistols. These P320s come with factory P226 3-dot night sights.

While SIG is kicking the P320 off with just two models, they will have a lot of options on the table for end users. They’re clearly targeting the law enforcement market and some of these features will serve them well, particularly the fact that the trigger does not need to be pulled in order to field-strip the pistol for maintenance.

SIG will also offer X-Change kits down the road, allowing users to take their existing FCUs and swap out the slides and grip, being able to switch from Carry to Full-Size and swap calibers as well.

The P320 Full-Size is currently listing around $600 and we expect the same for the Carry model. If you’re looking for a next-generation polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol for a compact self-defense option the P320 Carry should be on your short list.

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