Stag Arms offering American Flag rifles for righties and lefties


The American Flag Stag Arms Model 3. (Photo credit: Stag Arms)

Stag Arms is going over the top with its newest Model 3 and 3L star-spangled rifles. These right-handed and left-handed AR-15s have been water-dipped with American Flag prints for a lasting patriotic finish.

The Model 3 is a fairly straightforward M4-profile carbine with a railed handguard. The 3L is its left-handed variant. For a limited time Stag is offering them with a $25 discount, bringing their prices down to $970 for the Model 3 and $995 for the 3L.

These are great ways for shooters to show their true colors with America’s favorite rifle. And to make this even better, Stag is giving away one $970 prize, a gift card that can be put towards any Stag Arms products.

Stag Arms is hosting the contest through Facebook. People who invite their friends to enter are automatically entered to the contest additional times.

The gift card can be used to “show your American pride” and purchase one of these custom Model 3 rifles or any other Stag Arms products. Stag is accepting entries placed up to 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 11 of this year. Participants may enter once per day. For all the details surrounding the contest hit up the giveaway page here.

If you’re more interested with the direct route you can purchase an American Flag Model 3 or 3L straight from Stag Arms. The flag pattern adds less than $100 to the cost of the rifle and will guarantee your rifle will stand out at the range.

Models 3 and 3L are AR-15 carbines chambered for 5.56 and .223 Remington. The rifles have 16-inch M4-profile barrels with a 1-in-9 button-rifled twist. This will guarantee good accuracy with a wide variety of ammo types and weights. The barrel is 4140 steel with a chrome-lined bore and a phosphate finish and is fit with an A2-style flash hider.

The handguard is by Diamondhead, a drop-in VRS forend that’s railed to match the flattop receiver. The rifle doesn’t come with sights, leaving that decision up to the individual user. Sights and optics are pretty personal so this leaves the door open to all options and helps keep the overall price down. The gas block sports a Picatinny rail for use with backup iron sights.

Stag’s receivers are all 7075-T6 hard-anodized aluminum for MIL-SPEC compliance and are finished with a MIL-SPEC parts kit. They come with standard A2 pistol grips and six-position telescoping buttstocks.

Stag ships every rifle with a 30-round magazines except where restricted, in which case they ship their rifles with 10-round mags.

If you’re looking for a rifle that will absolutely stand out and prove your allegiance, check out the new Stag Arms Model 3 and 3L. For everything else Stag-related visit their Facebook page.

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