Congressional candidate offers $100K reward for nude photos of Kendall Jones

07/10/14 4:32 PM | by

Virginia Democratic congressional candidate Mike Dickenson has offered $100,000 to anyone who can provide him with nude photos of the controversial big game hunter and Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones.

Dickenson, who is seeking Republican Eric Cantor’s seat in the House of Representatives, tweeted that if Jones is old enough to hunt and kill animals, she’s old enough to be placed in his crosshairs, Washington Times reports.

While Dickenson quickly received backlash for his tweets, he didn’t stop there. He also asked for Jones’ former boyfriends to relay sex stories and later announced he hoped Jones would be attacked by the animals she hunts.

Some have questioned the legitimacy of Dickenson’s candidacy, but the self-described liberal Democrat is still running a website and soliciting donations. He was also credited by Fox News as “Mike Dickenson D-Virginia.” However, Ballotpedia stated Dickenson failed to meet the requirements and didn’t qualify to be on the ballots.

Jones made headlines last week when she shared a series of photos on Facebook of her on trophy hunts. She said she shared them with hopes of getting a television show. Afterward there was an outcry over her pictures and Facebook removed the images of animals considered endangered. However, the outcry was balanced with support from conservative media.

[ Washington Times ]

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