DARPA’s Squad X initiative seeks 'innovative' tech to enhance troops’ real-time situational awareness


The new tech should be unobtrusive and increase troops’ situational awareness without increasing the physical or cognitive burden.

DARPA’s Squad X initiative is inviting bright minds to submit their ideas for an integrated digital system to enhance situational awareness on the squad level.

Squad X hopes to combine the cornucopia of different technologies into one grand “system of systems” to “organically extend squad awareness and influence” on the battlefield.

The new tech should allow troops to seamlessly share real-time information with one another without inhibiting their ability to fight.

The new system will include full-motion streaming video, 3D common operating picture, and the ability to locate and distinguish between friend and foe in near real-time.

The first stage of building the new system of systems is establishing the necessary infrastructure and technology, and that’s the part DARPA wants your help on.

“We want both traditional and nontraditional performers to share innovative ideas on how to actually build a system of systems that could provide squads with real-time, trusted information in an enhanced, integrated manner while operating in dynamic and complex environments,” said Maj. Christopher Orlowski, DARPA program manager.

White papers can be submitted to DARPA-BAA-14-25@darpa.mil until Aug. 4, while the deadline for full proposals is Oct. 3.


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