Everything wrong with 'the Matrix Reloaded' (VIDEO)

The guys behind Everything wrong with “the Matrix” are back with another treatment for the second film in the Matrix series. Better go grab a Coke and get comfy because this video’s got almost 20 minutes of slam in it.

I’m going to be honest, this is the closest I’ve come to re-watching “the Matrix Reloaded” because screw you, Wachowskis. I haven’t watched the second and third Matrix movies outside of the theater. I own them because they came in a box set and they’ve literally never been played.

Every so often I think to myself, well, hey, it can’t be that bad, pop in the first movie, jump into “the Animatrix” but have never been able to go any farther than that.

Can we just cop to it? The worst part about “Reloaded” was that we all saw it, then paid more money to see “Rebooted!” Fool me once, Watchowskis, shame on you. Fool me twice … This video will help heal the wounds.

[Cinema Sins/YouTube]

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