3D-printed 10/22 Charger (VIDEO)

“Hi, I’m Buck O’Fama and this is the 3D-printed Ruger Charger” states the narrator and manufacturer of this 10/22 pistol. “The receiver was 3D-printed in two sections on an inexpensive, small-format 3D printer.”

“This gun does not exist in any government database.”

“If you take my gun, I will simply print another one.”

I swear I’ve seen 10/22 plans listed in the DEFCAD archives and I sorta assumed this was a forgone conclusion. I’d be very surprised if this was the first one printed. Also, there are multiple 10/22 80 percent receiver manufacturers and the idea of homemade Chargers shouldn’t be terribly controversial at this point — but what do I know, I’m a gun guy who’s been following this 3D printing stuff for years — I’m not exactly unbiased, you know?

The stress parts are all regular gun parts and fabricated on commercial industrial equipment; they’re the same parts you might use to upgrade or build your custom 10/22. I suspect this gun will have decent lifespan.


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