Troy Industries AK Battlerails now available

Troy Industries is now making handguards and rails for AK-pattern rifles and pistols. They’re modular aluminum accessories that take after its AR handguard systems.

Troy is a well-respected leader in the AR world as top-flight manufacturer of accessories and firearms. Although these are new products we have good expectations for Troy’s AK accessories. They have a high standard to live up to.

They are starting with two handguards and a railed gas tube. The handguards come in two different lengths, one standard-length “Short” handguard that stops at the gas block. The “Short” handguard is a bit of a misnomer as it extends four inches beyond standard AK handguards.

The other is an extended “Long” handguard that continues past the gas block to the front sight post with a short section of rail at the 12-o’clock position for mounting offset weapon lights or laser sights. Both of these forends give users a longer, forward reach on their firearm.

These AK handguards share more than a passing similarity with Troy’s AR handguards. In addition to sharing the same aircraft aluminum construction and MIL-SPEC hard-anodized finish, they also have the same alternating pattern of machined cutouts for mounting accessories including their “Squid Grips,” round rubbery rail covers that drop into the cutouts proving the user with a comfortable and controllable grip surface.

troy industries ak battlerails (2)

An AK with Troy’s “Long” Battlerail and railed gas tube installed. (Photo credit: Troy/Facebook)

The handguards also have cutouts for sling points and bayonets. Because the handguards are round, they offer a smaller-diameter grip that’s not typical of most AK handguards.

They use stainless steel fasteners and are compatible with machined and stamped AK receivers. The handguards use an adapter that blends the contour of the round handguard perfectly into the square receiver as well as conveniently covers the end of the receiver that is commonly left open when using round handguards with AKs.

While it would be possible to mount a red dot far forward on the Long handguard just behind the front sight the railed gas tube offers a more practical place for a red dot sight or long eye-relief scope. The railed gas block is low enough for a lower-third cowitness using flush-mounting red dots, like the Aimpoint T1 and similar optics.

The railed gas tube uses an interesting mounting system. Unlike the popular Ultimak rail it doesn’t mount to the barrel. It uses an adjustable tensioner that locks in place with a castle nut. This not only holds it in place it means that the rail can be installed on a wide variety of AK patterns even if they have different-length gas tubes.

A side benefit of this gas tube is that it can removed without disassembling the handguard for cleaning. Although that’s not a huge deal for users of barrel-mounted gas tubes, as tubes can easily be cleaned through the barrel trunnion, it is a nice option to have. Time will tell if this will offer improved accuracy over barrel-mounted rails as well.

The handguards run $124 and $139 for the Short and Long models respectively, and the railed gas tube runs $149. Troy is selling them directly but they’re also being listed by other companies, usually for a little less.

Troy’s AK accessories take a different approach to the Russian rifle. It’s refreshing to see someone doing things a little differently, and while it would be fine if Troy was finished with these offerings, we hope to see more AK accessories from them in the future.

For more information about Troy’s new AK parts head over to the AK Rails page and for all Troy news check out their Facebook Page.

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