Security guard dodges bullet, thwarts would-be robber (VIDEO)

A security guard dodged a bullet during an attempted armed robbery at a Jonesboro, Georgia, store Wednesday.

Joseph Watkins had only “nanoseconds” to react when the unidentified suspect rushed through the store’s front door. The suspect, who was wearing a “Scream” mask and brandishing a handgun, fired a single shot, but Watkins managed to get out of the way, the local NBC-affiliate reports.

“I literally had nanoseconds to react,” Watkins said. “And then I looked down and saw the gun.”

Watkins spotted the suspect and leapt to his feet, drawing his own concealed handgun. He aimed and pulled the trigger, but as the gun was on safe, nothing happened.

“The only thing that saved this guy, literally, was that my gun was on safe,” Watkins said.

Watkins dove for the ground as the suspect loosed a single shot that struck the open door.

“I know the shot went off, and it went in my direction, but luckily the door was closing and it hit the door,” Watkins said.

The suspect fled on foot.

Neither men were injured during the attempted robbery, and Watkins said he’s happy things turned out the way they did

“He came in there with the intent to get what was in that register, and possibly do whatever he had to do to get out,” Watkins said. “So it could have ended a lot worse than it did. I’m just thankful it played out the way that it did.”

[ NBC 11 ]

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