D.C. gets a double dose of defensive gun use in USA Today thanks to GunLaws.com

Graphic credit: GunLaws.com

Graphic credit: GunLaws.com

Amongst the headlines which are no doubt riddled with stories of crime, for the second week in row Washington, D.C. residents saw a different kind of story show up in their morning paper – instances where victims armed with guns fought back against their attackers.

The defensive gun use stories are part of a series titled The First Responders Report, printed through a paid advertorial page in the Washington, D.C. regional edition of USA Today. The report is sponsored by GunLaws.com and Bloomfield Press, which is ran by Alan Korwin, and so far there have been two reports, each highlighting three defensive gun use stories.

The first report features an incident previously covered by Guns.com in which a Detroit mother opened fire on three teens, one of who was armed, breaking into her home. She warned them she was armed but they failed to heed her warning and tried to call her bluff while forcing their way into her home.

Graphic credit: GunLaws.com

Graphic credit: GunLaws.com

When a legally-armed man saw two purse-snatching thieves grab a woman’s handbag in the parking lot of a Houston Family Dollar, the complete stranger came to the woman’s aid, grabbing the two suspects from out of their car and holding them at gunpoint until police arrived. Afterwards, the unidentified stranger simply walked into the store, bought some candy for his kids and drove away.

A man armed with a can of mace and a hunting knife attempting to rob a small town store in Missouri, apparently missing the pro-Second Amendment signs hanging in the window, was met with gunfire when he threatened the owner’s wife while pointing the knife at her.

In the second report, published yesterday, a story was featured about a Salt Lake City father who protected his daughter after two men who had been harassing her showed up at the house, armed and kicked in the door. The father was also armed and the situation ended peacefully without a single shot being fired from either side.

Graphic credit: GunLaws.com

Graphic credit: GunLaws.com

In another incident out of Detroit, a woman was approached by two would-be robbers who shot her four times. But that didn’t stop the also armed victim, now dubbed “Rambo” by friends and family, who responded by saying, “You motherfucker!” to the criminals before returning eight shots at them from her .45-caliber handgun.

In the final defensive gun use in this week’s report, An Iowa homeowner managed to survive a violent home invasion in which he shot the suspect three times after he forced his way into the man’s home and stabbed him in the neck several times.

According to GunLaws.com, The First Responders Report was named such because the first responders against crime are almost always the victims’ themselves, rather than those typically referred to by the general public as first responders.

“Officials show up later to take notes, figure out what happened, tape off the area, manage the crowd of media and onlookers, speak on camera, stand around and be videographed for replays, debrief and assist the heroic crime survivor, and sometimes even catch the perpetrator, or call for the coroner’s office,” a press release points out.

The website claims the media, including USA Today, has “monumentally lopsided coverage of gun issues,” printing far more gun-related violence news than stories of good guys (or gals) with guns thwarting crime, even though there’s an estimated 700,000 to 2.5 million such occurrences each year.

Nonetheless, the website still says USA Today deserves praise for running the page, even if it is a paid advertorial, suggesting perhaps “there is hope for change in the gridlock that sometimes plagues the important issue of gun ownership and use.”

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