New M&P Bodyguard handguns with Crimson Trace laser sights (VIDEO)

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that it has joined forces with Crimson Trace to introduce enhanced, integrated laser sights with their popular line of Bodyguard handguns. The M&P Bodyguard handguns include a semi-automatic .380 pistol and a lightweight hammerless revolver in .38 Special.

These pocketable handguns are designed for concealed carry and have easily-accessed power switches that make it second nature to activate the laser sights on the draw. Laser sights make target acquisition completely intuitive and ensure that even in stressful situations, users can get on target.

By going with these designs holster selection is already widespread and users will not have to wait for the aftermarket to catch up if they want to carry the new M&P Bodyguard handguns.

bodyguard 380 crimson trace

The new Bodyguard .380 Crimson Trace. (Photo credit: Smith & Wesson)

The new guns draw on existing designs. M&P Bodyguard semi-automatic pistol is patterned after the original Smith Bodyguard and the M&P Bodyguard revolver is a straightforward J-frame .38. Both are based on proven concealed carry designs and won’t have any trouble finding buyers.

““Through our partnership with Crimson Trace, consumers will benefit from a superior laser sighting system that is expertly integrated with our semi-automatic M&P Bodyguard 380 pistols and our M&P Bodyguard 38 revolvers,”” said James Debney, CEO of Smith & Wesson. “”Created using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, these new M&P Bodyguard firearms provide consumers with two exceptional choices when seeking dependability in personal protection.””

“At Crimson Trace, one of our long term goals is to make laser sighting systems standard equipment on every personal protection handgun sold in this country”, said Kent Thomas, Crimson Trace director. “This partnership with Smith & Wesson furthers that goal, and we are proud to be the integrated laser sighting system for the highly regarded M&P Brand — offering the highest quality solution for today’s personal protection gun owner.”

The new Bodyguard .38 Crimson Trace. (Photo Credit: S&W)

The new Bodyguard .38 Crimson Trace. (Photo credit: Smith & Wesson)

These guns were designed to fit in the same size and weight profile as existing Bodyguard pistols. Both are double-action only designs and both have concealed or bobbed hammers that will not snag or when drawing from concealment.

They’re also exceptionally lightweight with the Bodyguard .38 Crimson Trace weighing in at just over 14 ounces and the .380 barely more than 12 ounces. The .38 has a five-shot cylinder and the .380 has a magazine capacity of six rounds plus one in the chamber.

The M&P Bodyguard .380 is a polymer-framed pistol with a 2.75-inch barrel and a matte stainless steel slide. The .38 has a similar finish and a 1.9-inch barrel. The .38 Special revolver is rated for hot +P loads and is good to go with any self-defense ammo on the market.

These pistols are equipped with low-profile sights as a backup for the lasers. Crimson Trace calls its system “Instinctive Activation” and places the power switches right where users place their fingers when drawing their pistols from a holster. It takes little special training to use Crimson Trace laser sights and the benefits are clear.

For more details and specification head over to the new Smith & Wesson website, 380 Reasons, or visit their regular home page for info about the rest of their products.

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