Set phasers to stun with the ‘Star Trek’ phaser remote control


The ‘Star Trek’ phaser universal remote control also comes stock with 10 phaser sounds.


It also comes with a handy carrying case to keep your phaser safe.

Your T.V. doesn’t stand a chance against the “Star Trek” phaser remote control.

The replica phaser by The Wand Company houses a universal remote control that can be programmed with 36 different commands. It also comes stock with 10 different phaser sounds in case you get bored just flipping through channels, Mashable reports.

The replica was made using 3D scans of the what is said to be the last remaining phaser prop, and the phaser sounds are straight from the original series.

The remote hits shelves in November and will be priced at $149.99. It’s also available for preorder now through the Star Trek store.

[ Mashable ]

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