U.S. federal agent fires warning shot to stop pro-Israel protestors (VIDEO)

A U.S. federal agent fired a warning shot to stop a fleeing vehicle during a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles Sunday.

Demonstrators gathered outside the federal building on Wilshire Boulevard over Israel’s recent conflict with Gaza. The pro-Israel rally spurred pro-Israel protestors, and as tensions rose, so did the violence, the L.A. Times reports.

One pro-Israel protestor grabbed a Palestinian flag from a truck and stepped on it. The four men inside the truck got out and hit the protestors with wooden sticks.

In the ensuing chaos, the men returned to their vehicle and began driving away. That’s when an officer with the Department of Homeland Security discharged his weapon into the air.

The truck stopped and its occupants were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

One of those arrested, Mohammed Said Elkhatib, 35, said he and his friends were not treated fairly.

“We had no rights,” Elkhatib said. “They did not tell us why they booked us, they did not tell us why we were in handcuffs. They kept us until now. We were in handcuffs for 10 hours.”

No serious injuries occurred during the alteration.

The agent who fired his weapon was placed on administrative leave.

[ L.A. Times ]

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