R/C pilot crashes giant B-29 model airplane (VIDEO)

R/C enthusiast Mac Hodges recently crashed his B-29 R/C plane with attached rocket-powered Bell X-1 during a Warbirds airshow in Deleware.

The plan was for the Bell X-1 to disengage and rocket away, but the massive B-29 replica barely managed to make it off the deck. It yawed left at takeoff and veered into some tents, barely missing the crowd of onlookers. The accident marks the sixth time Hodges has crashed his B-29 R/C plane between 1992 and 2014.

The 2010 version of Hodges’ B-29 had a 20-foot wingspan and weighed in at 98 pounds. Who knows, maybe he’ll make the next one even bigger.

Here’s a video of his 2010 crash.

And here’s one of his 2008 crash, which was similar to his most recent.

[ Flight Club ]

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