Taco Bell employee armed with BB gun shoots, pistol whips angry customer (VIDEO)

A Massachusetts Taco Bell employee shot at an angry customer with a BB gun early Sunday morning.

Steven Noska, 26, was hard at work when around 4 a.m. a customer pulled into the drive-thru. The customer waited for “a very long time” and when nobody came up to the window, he went to front door make a complaint. An argument ensued and Noska ultimately shot the customer with a BB gun, Mass Live reports.


Taco Bell employee Steven Noska was arrested after opening fire on an angry customer with a BB gun.

When nobody came to the window, the customer parked his car and banged on the establishment’s locked doors until Noska opened them.

The customer was looking to make a complaint, but the situation escalated when Noska shoved him. The customer repeatedly bit Noska on the arm during the ensuing confrontation.

Noska went to his vehicle and retrieved a BB pistol. He returned to the Taco Bell and shot the customer multiple times before pistol whipping him.

Noska was arrested and charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery.

[ Mass Live ]

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