TrackingPoint goes solar for extended battery life with new gear pack

tp solar backpack

The Solar Backpack’s specifications are ideal for post-apocalypse America. (Photo credit: TP)

TrackingPoint has addressed one of the most common criticisms about its electronic smart scopes with the new Solar Backpack. The pack has everything needed to charge a smart scope’s battery packs as well as other accessories with its USB and 12-volt auto socket.

This means users can spend extra time in the field without solely having to rely on spare batteries and they can also charge any networked accessories including tablets and the freshly-announced Google Glass system, as well just about any other electronics with its universal jacks.

Included in each pack is a four-panel kit that folds out to provide up to 16 watts of power in optimal conditions that can store charge two TrackingPoint batteries at a time. The pack itself has a fifth panel that soaks up the rays all the time for an additional four watts of power.

The Solar Backpack and the charging kit. (Photo credit: TP)

The Solar Backpack and the charging kit. (Photo credit: TP)

Knowing its audience, TrackingPoint equipped the Solar Backpack with a complete set of MOLLE straps on the sides for expansion with other gear-specific kits and accessories. The pack can easily be upgraded with equipment pouches and hydration packs.

It’s constructed from heavy-duty 500D Cordura and is urethane-coated for weather resistance. The straps and back panel are padded for comfort with extended use and the pack has both a grab handle and waist strap. The zippers are by YKK.

Even the solar panels are ruggedized and designed to continue to charge even if damaged. If any part of the solar panels are damaged or punctured the remaining intact cells will continue to provide power.

The kit, not including accessories or extra batteries, weighs just two pounds. If you have a TrackingPoint rifle than this is a must-have accessory for your Precision Guided Rifle.

Users may contact TrackingPoint directly for ordering details at 512-354-2114. With one of these and a pair of extra batteries, the only thing that will take users out of the field are the users themselves.

This comes on the heels of TrackingPoint’s recently wearable tech announcement, where they proved that scopes could be paired to Google Glass interfaces. Using Google Glass shooters don’t even have to be behind a rifle in order to make a perfect shot.

The way it works is that the video feed from the scope is wirelessly transmitted to the user interface of the remote Google Glass eyepiece. This lets the shooter tag their target, then acquire their target and once the rifle is lined up just right, it will fire, without anyone looking through the scope. Here’s video of the goggle system in action.

That’s a no-scope one-shot bullseye at 500 yards. It’s safe to say that this shot would be impossible to reproduce without TrackingPoint’s help.

Eventually TrackingPoint wants to make their system standard for private and military shooters. One thing’s clear: the technology is here to stay. How we use it is up to us. For more information visit the TrackingPoint website.

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