Ohio man sues NRA for cold calling him

An Ohio man filed a class action suit against the National Rifle Association for cold calling him and others in the area, an act that he claims violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

In the complaint, filed in a U.S. District Court in Ohio on June 30, Bryan Reo alleges the NRA knowingly violated the TCPA by its use of an automatic telephone dialing system to dispatch calls to private homes and cell phones.

The TCPA was designed to prevent unwanted and unsolicited calls, and to protect the privacy of citizens, the complaint states. Additionally, the law gives consumers a choice as to how creditors and telemarketers contact them.

By using an ATDS, the NRA had the ability to call phone numbers at random or in sequential order — in other words, the gun lobby did not acquire Reo’s phone number from him personally, but called him anyway.

Reo claims the NRA called him multiple times over “several years,” even though he specifically requested it stop.

Lastly, the complaint states that the NRA used the automated system to play a prerecorded message — something that, along with all the other factors, also violates the TCPA.

Reo and each class member seek up to $1,500 for each and every violation.

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