Glock 42 and .380 ACP improvements (VIDEO)

I think a lot of people have faith in .380 ACP, and that’s it’s a pretty well-accepted round for self-defense, even if it’s at the bottom end of the spectrum. The same improvements to bullet design that have made 9mm the dominant cartridge carry over to the smaller, lower-pressure round just fine.

And out of longer-barreled .380s it does even better, such as the Glock 42.

If you were sitting on the fence about the Glock 42 because you’ve heard it had some teething problems, you should know that it looks like Glock has gone ahead and addressed those problems with these changes and revised parts.

We’ve said it before, Glock launching the 42 in .380 could have been an attempt to field-test a small-framed single-stack on a limited market — hopefully a 9mm is around the corner.

[The Yankee Marshal and Four Guys Guns/YouTube]

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