Pakistani shopkeeper reveals Taliban were actually his best customers


Rasheed Rehman used to make nearly $1,000 a day by selling strong-scented perfumes to Taliban fighters.

A Pakistani shopkeeper said Taliban fighters are not only big spenders, but that they don’t even bother haggling down the price.

Rasheed Rehman used to own a large store in the main shopping area of Miranshah, which is near the Afghan border. He sold cosmetics, socks and stockings, and some electronics, but says the Taliban were after the perfumes, BBC reports.

“They used to prefer foreign or branded perfumes and imported body sprays,” Rehman said. “They like the ones with the strong scent.”

Rehman said he even made special shopping trips to get the kind of fragrances the Taliban liked.

“They didn’t like Pakistani products,” he said.

Rehman used to make around 100,000 rupees a day, or nearly $1,000, but a mounting army offensive in the Taliban-dominated area forced many to flee to safer regions.

“I’m sorry my clothes smell,” Rehman said. “I used to live like a prince in Miranshah.”

[ BBC ]

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